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Get all the results you need, in one run, during the patient visit

SNAP test

Reference-laboratory quality in the palm of your hand

HPM nutrition for dogs & cats

Thanks to its high-protein, low-carb nutritional profile and carefully selected dietary supplements, VETERINARY HPM™ is more than just a dog and cat food.

Veterinary Dental Unit

dental unit provides a variety of functions for veterinarians, such as grinding, polishing, cutting and cleaning, and makes daily animal oral health work easy and efficient.

Veterinary Multi-parameter Monitor

The RWD veterinary monitors are intended for veterinary hospitals or clinics and other special procedures laboratories.


EVS Advanced Series provides high image quality at 50% less dose than CR and at 25% or more reduced dose compared to DR.

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is an American multinational corporation engaged in the development, manufacture, and distribution of products and services for the companion animal veterinary, livestock and poultry, water testing, and dairy markets. Incorporated in 1983 and headquartered in Westbrook, Maine

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eKuore is specialized in stethoscopes that will digitalize the sound to create and visualize the phonogram in smartphones and tablets.

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Virbac HPM

Thanks to its high-protein, low-carb nutritional profile and carefully selected dietary supplements, VETERINARY HPM™ is more than just a dog and cat food.

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At Datamars, we believe information is the way to a better, more sustainable world.
We are dedicated to encouraging the use of data to help customers make more sense of what they do and find better ways of doing it.

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Low Dose, High Image Quality by QX-Platform. Excellent Dose Reduction, Exceptional Diagnostic Clarity by QX-Platform.

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Mila International

MILA International, Inc. is an innovative company which has developed veterinary medical products otherwise commercially unavailable.

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RWD Designs&Manufactures in Life Science, Animal Healthcare, Medical Devices Since 2002. 18+ Years Success Applied in 100+ Countries.

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Asa Laser

 Laser Therapy comes from ASA’s scientific research to overcome the limits of traditional laser therapy and at the same time to exploit the advantages of low and high power through a patented quality impulse.

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